As Seen In: "The Collaborators" (Season 6, Episode 3)

Then, for good measure, she assures Pete that she can destroy him.

On the one hand, the moment demands your applause and cheers. Pete is one of the most loathsome character on the show, and deserves this dressing down. Trudy has done so much to help him be great at business, and she's right that he's stupid to start dismantling everything with amateur-hour mistakes like this.

Give the moment some distance, however, and it just feels sad. Trudy was going to let Pete have his affairs to preserve their idyllic—on the surface—suburban existence? What kind of life is that? It's just another one of the sad conservative paths through life that the show repeatedly calls into questions. Trudy's vicious display of power is heartening, but what it reveals about her inner life is beyond troubling.

Please, let one of the women on this show win. Realistically, it won't be Peggy. So we're hoping for Sally.