Played by: Elizabeth Montgomery, Dick Sargent and Dick York 

The woman (Elizabeth Montgomery) is a sexy witch. She's constantly messing up the ho-hum life and job of her husband Darrin, a mortal whom she and any of her magical family members could squash like a bug, or turn into a bug, or afflict with a plague of bugs. Really, this is destined to end poorly for Darrin—after all, Samantha is already hundreds of years old and still looks fresh as a daisy. But this just shows how a man can lose all judgment in the presence of a seriously hot babe who can do mind-blowing things with her unusually talented...nose.

Wow, I got through that without even making any jokes about how she could handle two Dicks—that would be Dick York and Dick Sargent, both of whom played Darrin. I need to lie down.