Played by: Justine Moore and Scott Valentine

You didn't get a lot of edge in '80s sitcoms. It was the Reagan era, and although there was a lot of sexuality in pop culture—think risque videos by Madonna and George Michael, Friday After Dark on Skinemax, the rise of VHS porn—prime time avoided such trends. Mallory's boyfriend Nick was different, though. He was an artist. He had an earring.  He was a lotta Judd Nelson (portraying John Bender in The Breakfast Club) and a little bit of Sly Stallone (the sub-verbal thing) with some John Waite-style rocker appeal. He was the most nearly-dangerous recurring character of the day, the kind of sexy beast who wouldn't hesitate to drag a dim-witted good girl like Mallory Keaton into his seedy world.

Well, that was the first impression anyway. He was pretty quickly revealed to be totally harmless—but the earring, man. The earring. Pure sexual danger.