Date: January 2008
Location: Santa Clarita

Life imitates art; it was bound to happen at least once, right? Does Santa Clarita ring a bell to fans of Weeds? If it does, it's because that's where show's fist few seasons were filmed. At the beginning of 2008, detectives from the Santa Clarita's Sheriff's office discovered a "substantial" grow operation: A thousand plants worth $3 million inside of a home, that hope resembled the set up that Conrad and Nancy had going through the show's third season.

The operation was uncovered when someone smelled the very distinct scent of marijuana from the sidewalk, then phoned the police. When it all finally came crashing down, neighbors did what Ceilia Hodes probably would've done-they stood on their front lawns and applauded. More than likely, at least one of those self-righteous bastards was a customer. It's amazing that this coincided with the end of the show's third season, when Nancy burns the community down to avoid being discovered.

The people behind this situation probably should've followed suit.