Date: February 2011
Location: La Habra Heights

Anytime you come across a bleeding man and another armed with a rifle running through a residential neighborhood, you should follow themif you're a cop, at least. They might lead you to several pounds of marijuana. Witnesses reported seeing a man "bleeding from the upper torso" and another armed with a rifle sprinting through a residential area and called the police. Police found nothing when they arrived, but soon got wind of a man who had been hospitalized with a gunshot wound.

After getting a warrant, the LASD found a digital scale, handgun, drug paraphernalia, money and a million dollars worth of marijuana that was already packaged and ready for sale. Edward Smetak, 53, was arrested and charged with felony possession of marijuana and being an ex-felon in possession of a firearm. It's not everyday you see a bloody man being chased by one with a rifle, and it sure as hell isn't everyday you find $1 million worth of weed.