Date: February 2013
Location: Downtown Los Angeles

Someone's Super Bowl weekend was turned upside down by the LAPD in February when they discovered 1,500 pounds of dried marijuana and marijuana plants in a warehouse near downtown Los Angeles. Acting on a search warrant, police also found three pistols, two shotguns, two assault rifles a rifle. That's not the full extent of the dangerthe Department of Water and Power and Building and Safety had to be called because the building was reportedly using a dangerous amount of electricity; it was so bad that electricity lines connected to the building were charred.

This was an extremely profitable operation: It raked in $7.6 million every 60 days. That's just $4 million per month, meaning the operation was bringing over $45 million annually. In addition to supplying stores in Southern California, it's assumed that the weed was being shipped across the country. This was big business.

Four unlucky bastards were arrested on the scene; none of them got to watch the Super Bowl.