Date: July 2011
Location: West Adams District

A ton-yes, literally one ton-of marijuana was found after police (and drug-sniffing dogs) from Torrance detected marijuana after stopping a car in the West Adams District. Following the initial stop, police obtained search warrants and eventually recovered 2,648 pounds of marijuana from various locations. You know how much money that weed is worth? Millions. 35-year-old Otto Gamalier Terrazas-Ruelas, 31-year-old George Alberto Armas, 28-year-old Jose Ayala, 27-year-old Eddie Escobedo, 26-year-old Juan Carlos Ruelas, 24-year-old Jimmy Escobedo, 22-year-old Stephanie Yolanda Salazar and 21-year-old Juana Alberto Moyeda were all arrested.