The 10 Hottest Extras Working in Hollywood Right Now

Rhea Perlman Jr.

As Seen In: The Avengers (2012)
Other Significant Work: Stunt work on the upcoming Cheers reboot
Place Of Birth: New York, NY

Born with a shockingly full head of kinky brown hair to the Jr. family, of the Lower East Side, Rhea Perlman Jr. was destined to work as the double for Rhea Perlman, best known as Carla on Cheers. Anticipating a lengthy oral history of her life and career, Jr.'s family has been recording all of their family interactions since the little curly-headed girl first came back to their tiny apartment, swaddled in pink and white.

Look for "The Oral History of Carla's Double on Cheers and That One Episode of Karen Cisco" in late February 2014. —RS

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