As Seen In: Spring Breakers (2012)
Other Significant Work: The "Go Fuck Yourself With a Smile" American Apparel Mesh Jorts Ad Campaign
Place Of Birth: Calabasas, CA

This is a very special story: "Kat"—with the quotation marks—was discovered a few weeks ago, making her one of the first documented cases of a non-extra becoming a hot extra after already appearing as an extra. Let's explain better.

Rayban wasn't an official extra on Harmony Korine's Spring Breakers. She just happened to levitate on a cloud of cool through the shoot as the cameras rolled. Then, she found herself sitting next to Werner Herzog at the ArcLight in L.A. during the film's west coast opening. The famously difficult German director connected the dots while watching Rayban lick butter from her fingers during the end credits. Through his tears, Herzog recognized her face as the one of perfect, symmetrical smugness in the St. Pete's party scene. Since then, Rayban has been the go-to extra for many a filmmaker, including Vincent Gallo, Vincent Gallo, and Vincent Gallo. —RS