As Seen In: The Perks of Being a Wallflower (2012)
Other Significant Work: Disgruntled student in Mean Girls 2 (2011); Guy in the hallway in MTV's Awkward
Place Of Birth: Portland, ME

Eric Clapton (no relation) knows how to appreciate someone else having fun. That's why he got the coveted role of School Dance Extra No. 42. There were two things he knew he had to nail at the audition: One, does he pass for around 18 or younger? Sure. Two, is his face boring enough that you will not notice it? Damn right. In fact, Clapton's not only hardly noticed by critics for his forgettable mug, but he's being barely spotted by his peers in the biz as well. That's why Eric Clapton is a two time winner of the very unknown Academy Award for "Best Blend by a Bland Extra."

Before The Perks of Being Wallflower he won for his little brother's fifth birthday home movie, when Clapton himself was only seven. "We knew Eric was destined to be boring," explains his mother, "We didn't even notice him in the back of his brother's movie. We assumed all of Eric's home videos were lost in the fire. We have them all, we just never focus in on Eric."

But is Mama Clapton proud of son Eric? "He's OK, I guess." —TA