In their never-ending quest to get high, kids are apparently turning to flowers. No, not marijuana plants—actual flowers. According to CBS News, those crazy young people are using Datura plants to get high. What will they think of next? Here's how one of them, who obviously asked to remain anonymous, described the experience: "It was just really, really intense, seeing people that weren’t there, talking to people that weren’t there." Another said the high lasted for "two days." 

Datura, also known as the Jimson Weed, Devil's Apple or Moonflower, has quite the reputation. Using the plant can result in powerful highs that can last for up to 30 hours and come complete with some serious hallucinations. However, as with most hallucinogens, there's a downside: the Datura is toxic. 

Go easy on the flowers, kids. Don't completely fry your brains early in the game.

[via Gothamist]