Have a cool $100 million laying around? You may have enough to build one Iron Man suit—theoretically

The folks over at MoneySupermarket.com pieced together an infographic detailing the cost of being Tony Stark's Iron Man. Don't forget though, Tony Stark doesn't roll with just one suit. Their estimated totals for the first two Iron Man films totaled $1.6 billion; but when you throw in the suits from Iron Man 3, the number balloons to $10 billion. You'll have to purchase twin $1.5 million missile launchers, $3.8 million boot jet-packs, and the $36 million arc reactor nuclear power source (the glowing heart of the Iron Man suit).

Then there is Stark's $25 million Malibu mansion that gets destroyed in the new film. 

Now don't go maxing out those credit cards.

[via Mashable]