SXSW is always a pretty otherworldly experience, but never quite so much as it was this year. In honor of the upcoming release of Evil Dead, Complex took over the Illmore Mansion to present a bone-chilling experience inspired by the film. With designs and production reminiscent of scenes in the film and live actors portraying some super freaky "Deadites," the Illmore had evil lurking around every corner.

Action Bronson got his own special sneak preview of the ghoulishness that was about to be unleashed. Bam Bam had a pretty good grasp on how to handle all the crazy shit the Illmore threw at him, even laying the smack down on a few deserving demons. "Something's gonna happen tonight," he said. "I'm not having it." Evil, he gave you fair warning.

Evil Dead officially hits theaters this Friday, April 5th, but fans that can’t wait can check out early screenings of the film starting 10PM on Thursday.

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