The AI (artificial intelligence) has also been turned up a notch on offense. Attacking players are prone to move more realistically to outsmart their opponents and breakdown the defense by creating space for themselves, running along the backline and checking their pace. Something that they didn't do in 13.

Defense has also been revamped in response to the complaints and suggestions from the FIFA community. The Teammate Intelligence or AI was sorely lacking in some areas last year, which led to some easy goals for opponents. EA says that decision-making has been stepped up and there will be smarter marking this time around.

For those of us whom fell behind in games and had to sit while the opposing team played keep-away with the ball, you will be happy to know that EA has included a feature called Dynamic Defensive Pressure. With DDP, the defensive team will now recognize when a team is playing passive offense and react accordingly. Sebastian says that they have not yet decided if this feature will be automatically activated or user initiated.

Second Chance Tackles will also be a defensive factor in 14. Users can now launch a second tackle before fully recovering from an initial missed attempt.

A huge part of FIFA is online play and with millions taking part in online matches there are bound to be complaints and praise. The hub was an online component that many found frustrating. Thankfully, it is being updated to be more streamlined. We were told that the screenshots we were shown were not final but from the looks of what we saw, they are head and shoulders above what we have now. Particularly in the areas of navigation, email prioritizing and live scouting reports.

The new Global Scouting Network will be far more realistic than the current one. Instead of being relegated to the transfer window, it will allow players to scout year-round to uncover attributes, traits and tendencies for every player in the game. There will also be better layered scouting, which is ideal for users that would rather explore players from leagues they may not be familiar with rather than wasting time scouting proven players. 

EA Sports could have easily rested on their laurels after making a great game like FIFA 13 but they didn't. They are clearly attempting to produce an even more true-to-life soccer game. We didn't get any hands on time with 14 but judging from the detailed presentation of the new features and the honest attack on last year's titles flaws, we're thinking FIFA 14 just might trump its predecessor. 

Either way, we're looking forward to the next big FIFA announcement that is scheduled for E3. 

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