City: Paris

If numbers could talk, they'd say the Eiffel Tower is the most terrifying radio transmission tower in the history of the world. A quick comb-through of the darker corners of the Internet reveals a few interesting facts about the Parisian treasure. The building is said to casts a shadow of exactly 412 meters in length. Oddly enough, that number holds special significance to one blogger who said so in a June 2010 blog post. We'd paraphrase for you, but it wouldn't help. "If you look at the number 412 as a date, several things come to mind. One, in Europe, where the Eiffel Tower is located, Dates are reversed compared to the USA. 412 is not April 12, it is December 4. 12-4. The number 124 is 31 x 4 which is eeriely similar to 3.14 or the first three digits of Pi. Further, December 4 is the day of Shango or Xango, a major deity in Voodoo." So there you have it. The Eiffel Tower is evil because math is scary sometimes. We should also add that 412 multiplied by the golden ratio equates to exactly 666(.6!!). We can only assume the number 23 fits into all of this, somehow.