Two Manhattan drug rings involved in door-to-door cocaine delivery have been broken up by the NYPD, and 41 members were indicted this week. According to court documents, a number of the defendants would regularly gather at Queens strip club Perfections (one of our coolest places, not for this reason), and their foolish social media bragging aided their downfall. There are some obvious parallels to The Wire here; don't you love it when art imitates life?

Thirty-three members of the Lower East Side's "Blocc Boyz" were busted for their role in the drug delivery service. Eight members of the East Village's "Money Boyz" were also named in a separate indictment for trafficking cocaine, crack and other violations. According to Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus R. Vance, Jr., the Blocc Boyz made "hundreds of thousands of dollars" annually from their operation. 

According to the New York Post, wiretaps led to their demise:

Investigators ran three wiretaps and under cover cops made some 75 cocaine buys beginning in 2011, and officials estimate that the gang made $2 million between that year and now.

The social media stuntin' didn't help either, as members of the Blocc Boyz reportedly flashed their illegal lifestyle on Facebook and Instagram, and sent out text blasts. Specifically, they informed customers that they'd be open for business in spite of Hurricane Sandy.

Having that work during all seasons and natural disasters will endear you to customers, but not the authorities.

[via Gothamist and NY Post]