It won't be long now before Netflix's premiere of the reincarnated fourth season of Arrested Development, and to say it's highly-anticipated would be an understatement. Plots have been kept under lock and bolt so there isn't much information floating around about what genius exactly we're going to be witnessing come May 26th, but judging by what has been released - star David Cross has commented it will be "historical" - it's going to be good. 

Finally, though, we have a little something to tide us over until next month: New photos courtesy of Entertainment Weekly. Three are covers featuring the cast members reunited again (except for Buster (Tony Hale), but his hooks-for-hands are in the Bluth men's cover, so, close enough), and the last two are stills from the upcoming season - words cannot do those justice.

You can check them out above. If you're at work, please, try to go outside before you start hyperventilating from excitement. We care about you.

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[via ScreenCrush]