Shit, talk about in too deep. Maurice Levy wouldn't go this far. A Los Angeles lawyer was busted for using a greeting card to sneak $30,000 worth of heroin into jail for a client. Sherman Oaks attorney Stephen Beecher was arrested on Apr. 9 for trying to slide the contraband to 20-year-old Jesus Antonio Duenas, who reportedly has connections to "the Southside," a notorious criminal organization that operates inside of the county jail.

Beecher, 61, allegedly met up with Duenas' 19-year-old girlfriend, Jessica Paredes, who gave him the drugs. Paredes reportedly ironed and flattened 36 grams and placed it inside of a greeting card envelope. That's a Hallmark moment if we ever heard one. Beecher then took the envelope to the jail.

He was charged with bringing drugs into jail, conspiracy to commit a crime, possession of a controlled substance and bringing a firearm into jail. He had a weapon on him? This dude is way out of pocket. Anyway, he faces 11 years in a state prison if convicted. Paredes and Duenas—who also has a murder hanging over his head—face 9 years each for conspiracy.

Jail time doesn't count as billable hours.

[via LAist]