Last week, Facebook finally took the shades off its new Android home and lock screen system, aptly named Facebook Home, which will be available soon on April 12.

But, what would an actual Facebook home be like? Thanks to the boys at Joy of Tech, we can see that it wouldn’t be any place you would actually want to live if you had the choice.

You’d have to put up with the all-knowing eye of death, aka Instagram, leering over your kitchen table while you try to enjoy your morning Fruit Loops. Then you’d have to deal with the neighbors barging their way in thanks to the connected tunnels that run from your house to the next. You’d block the tunnels, you say? Great, now fix your see-through walls. At least the foundation is strong since it was built upon Android and a still rotting corpse named MySpace.

And don’t forget the wide open backdoor that lets Facebook check in on you anytime that it wants.

Thankfully, Facebook isn’t a real Home, yet. You still have a choice; and, hey, privacy is golden.  

For a larger preview, check it out here.

[via Laughing Squid]