One of New York City's unique selling points is that the bars stay open extra late, allowing you to drown in alcohol until they finally close at 4 a.m. But some NYC residents are not thrilled with New York's distinction as the drunken city never sleeps. In fact, they want bars to close earlier. The nerve of them.

Community Board 4 in Bushwick is fighting to close bars at midnight on Sundays, and Community Board 8—home to Crown Heights and Prospect Heights—wants new bar applicants to shut down by midnight during the week. Matthew Kimmett, who owns Freddy's Bar in Park Slope, was looking to open a new place in Prospect Heights, but was told Community Board 8 would only back his liquor license bid if he agreed to stop serving liquor at midnight. Understandably, he couldn't rock with that.

According to a rep from Community Board 8, the move to eliminate the much-appreciated 4 a.m. closing time is a result of the recent swarm of bars in the area. Isn't asking bars to shut down earlier essentially trying to reinvent the wheel? Especially in New York.

[via Gothamist]