Much to Fede Alvarez's delight, the Evil Dead franchise's tradition of MPAA interference remained intact.

Fede Alvarez: "Nobody knows how we got away with an R-rating. [Laughs.] We showed the MPAA a cut that we all knew was going to be NC-17. They were very helpful with us and very precise about what we had to address to give the film an R-rating. We really wanted to stand on that line between R and NC-17 without being NC-17, because then nobody would get to see the movie, right? It would never be shown in theaters.

"Believe it or not, there aren't any scenes that we had to cut out completely. It was just a matter of cutting little moments or shots from scenes here and there."

Bruce Campbell: "The funny thing is, when people see this movie, the unrated version won't be that different. There might be a little more of something, but when you watch movie, you go, 'Oh, really? So where would you even put it?' [Laughs.] Nothing is held back. It's a very hard R."