Don't panic just yet, but an upscale New York City restaurant might have exposed several patrons to Hepatitis A. Friday was a rough day for Alta and some of its customers, as the restaurant started calling everyone who dined there between Mar. 23 and Apr. 2 to explain that a pastry chef may have given them Hepatitis A. Not the way to start your weekend.

Alta's manager, Manny Solano says the chef believes she may have gotten a liver infection after eating a meal contaminated with feces during a trip to Mexico. It wasn't until this past Monday that she realized she was sick. According to the restaurant, roughly 3,000 people dined there during the ten day period, and about 450 ate dessert.

Per the Department of Health, everyone who visited the restaurant during that period should get a Hepatitis A vaccine. No cases have been linked back to the restaurant yet, and the DOH has cleared Alta to remain open.

[via Gawker]