Last week, a judge told police in Washington state to return a man's marijuana or face to consequences. Last May, authorities seized a small amount of weed from Joseph L. Robertson during a traffic stop in Tacoma. Robertson received a citation for driving without a license and marijuana possession. The marijuana charge was dismissed in December after marijuana was decriminalized in small amounts, but refused to return his drugs.

After providing proof that he needed the marijuana for medicinal purposes, the city still refused to hand it over to him. In February, judge Jack Emery told police that they had to return Robertson's drugs—or else. 

The Pierce County Sheriff's Department currently has possession of Robertson's weed, and spokesman Ed Troyer says Tacoma can come and claim it if they like because "It's [their] case." It's just a small amount of weed; it's not worth this all of this trouble. Trust and believe Robertson wants his weed back though, and if he doesn't receive it following a May 2 hearing, this case could be pushed up to higher courts.

[via The Huffington Post]