Conan O'Brien emceed the White House Correspondents' Dinner last night for the first time since 1995. The celebs apparently loved it, but Twitter was more unforgiving.

The late-night host took the usual shots at the politicians in attendance. "I'd like to acknowledge that earlier this evening, there was some confusion with the seating chart," he said. "For a moment, someone accidentally sat Governor Chris Christie with the Republicans. That was awkward, and I apologize."

O'Brien said he talked to last year's host, Seth Meyers, to get some advice. "He said, actually, in a weird way, the President is a really good warm-up act. He’s so funny and he’s so good at this. He’s like the coolest President we’ve had, maybe since John F. Kennedy," O'Brien said afterwards.

"It’s a very weird thing to have the leader of the free world and the coolest guy in the room do a solid 25 minutes of pure laughs and then touch us all at the end with his comments and then to say: now we need a comedian. You don’t!" 

Watch Conan's full speech above.

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[via Vulture]