Conan O'Brien Says Obama is the Coolest President Since JFK

Conan O'Brien emceed the White House Correspondents' Dinner last night for the first time since 1995. The celebs apparently loved it, but Twitter was more unforgiving.

The late-night host took the usual shots at the politicians in attendance. "I'd like to acknowledge that earlier this evening, there was some confusion with the seating chart," he said. "For a moment, someone accidentally sat Governor Chris Christie with the Republicans. That was awkward, and I apologize."

O'Brien said he talked to last year's host, Seth Meyers, to get some advice. "He said, actually, in a weird way, the President is a really good warm-up act. He’s so funny and he’s so good at this. He’s like the coolest President we’ve had, maybe since John F. Kennedy," O'Brien said afterwards.

"It’s a very weird thing to have the leader of the free world and the coolest guy in the room do a solid 25 minutes of pure laughs and then touch us all at the end with his comments and then to say: now we need a comedian. You don’t!" 

Watch Conan's full speech above.

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[via Vulture]

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