Matt Thompson: "Depending on the difficulty of the episode, 50 to 70 people are involved in the process. And they're all involved in art. It's very rare for someone to work here who didn’t go to art school. Neal and I have been making cartoons for long enough that we can teach anybody how to do the managerial work, how to do the scheduling, all of those things. But what we can’t teach is how to have an eye for what is wrong with this picture and how to make it better.

"I'll get resumes from friends of friends, saying, 'Oh, look at my son.' My first questions: Did this person go to art school? Can they draw really well? If the answers aren't yes, I'm not interested."

Neal Holman: "Art animation is exactly what Matt said: Can you look at this drawing and tell me how to fix it so that it looks better?"

Matt Thompson: "We work in one big room in Atlanta. And it's quieter than you think it is, because everyone's wearing headphones."

Neal Holman: "It's library quiet."