The recent Blackberry Messenger update has gotten a little too comfortable sharing things you might want to keep to yourself. Crackberry forum users have been discussing a tiny detail written into BBM that lets it keep track of the music or videos you have watched, and then share it with those on your contacts list--so yes, you’ll be “that guy” to all your friends.

BBM will store what’s been played on its media player, whether the new Tyler, the Creator album, or something a little more private, and then push that information to those on your messenger contacts list. Replayed that Red Band trailer of Spring Breakers a little too much? Yeah, we know.

Wipe that sweat from your brow, you’re in luck. The media tracking can be turned off if you go to settings and turn off  “Show What I’m Listening To,” after that, you’re in the clear. Go here to check out Crackberry’s guide to turning off the Blackberry Big Brother.

[via Motherboard]