The city of Boston has a notorious reputation when it comes to drinking. It's typically recognized as America's drunkest city, but now it appears as though maybe, just maybe residents are starting to actually give a shit about their livers. According to The Boston Globe, police "only" made 211 arrests for drunk driving last year, a 33 percent drop since 2009.

This has sparked arguments that people in Boston are starting to drink less, but local law enforcement mentions that sidewalks and trains are literally steering people away from driving drunk. "Experts" in drunken behavior note that other cities considered "walkable" cities have significantly more drunk driving arrests.

Gawker notes that D.C. and Boston have almost the same population, but there were 1,663 drunk driving arrests in the District last year. Additionally, Denver—which has less people than Boston—had 3,000 or so arrests for drunk driving in 2012.

So why are drunk driving arrests in Boston decreasing? As Gawker says, it's possible that police are worried about more serious crimes.

[via Gawker]

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