Mac sales are slumping, but that hasn't seemed to hurt Apple's bottom line, at least according to a report from Aysmco's Horace Dediu. Apparently in the fourth quarter of 2012, Apple made more revenue than the top five PC makers combined. Or as Cult of Mac put it, it earned more than Dell, HP, Lenovo, Acer, and Asus put together.

The reason has to do with Apple's margins on Macs. While they make close to $240 for every computer shipped, their competitors can barely keep up. According to the report, Apple owned 45% of PC operating profit during 2012, while competitors like Dell saw 13% and HP only saw 7%. As for the others (not including Lenovo, Asus or Acer), they only saw 21% of the profits.  

[via Cult of Mac]