Twitter Handle: @tvmcgee
Writes At: Hitfix, A.V. Club, Boob Tube Dude

Ryan McGee's musings about television are on point no matter what form they take. Whether he's fulfilling his duties as Cougartown, Spartacus, and House of Cards recapper for The A.V. Club, producing either of this two stellar podcasts, "Talking TV with Ryan and Ryan," and "The Not Ready for Primetime Podcast," or blogging on his own site, "Boob Tube Dude," his commentary comes correct.

McGee is at his best when he can step away from his close reading commitments and reflect on the larger state of television. His A.V. Club piece from a year ago, "Did The Sopranos do more harm than good?: HBO and the Decline of the Episode" which discussed the rise of "installments" of television, generated hundreds of comments and near-universal reflection from the critical community.

His recent article, "The Long and Short of It: Why the Closed-end Series Will Save the Long Term Health of TV" offers a similarly macrocosmic view of the television landscape, speculating on the impact of a move away from a syndication-hungry model. It's easy for television critics to get caught up in the week-to-week rigors of recapping and live-blogging. McGee can recap Cougartown with the best of them, but his ability to step outside of the discussion du jour and view the larger picture is what makes him required reading.