Twitter Handle: @mollylambert
Writes At: Grantland

If you're a little bit too old and/or not ironic enough to appreciate Rembert Browne's one-two punch of Legends of the Hidden Temple and Pretty Little Liars writing, Molly Lambert's "Girls Maturity Level Threat Watch" pieces might be the cheeky recap series for you. Lambert's focus is a bit narrower than Rembert's, as she only deviates from the TV and movie beats to bring you the best stories from the tabloids and the best songs from other countries (do yourself a favor and check those pieces, stat).

Many of our favorite Molly Lambert moments come when she joins forces with Emily Yoshida, whether on the "Girls in Hoodies" podcast, or in pieces like their "Autopsy of the Twitter-Ravaged Remains of Liz & Dick." Grantland is your destination for cheeky, mix-and-match pop culture hilarity.

We know it's tempting, but just don't try to hard to get hired there.