Twitter Handle: @mattzollerseitz
Writes At: New York Magazine/Vulture

Matt Zoller Seitz is one of the most name-checked critics on the Internet, at least by his peers. It's not uncommon for noted TV bloggers to quote nuggets of brilliance from Seitz in their own reviews. Todd VanDerWerff attributes his favorite description of Friday Night Lights to Seitz. Seitz's unrelenting earnestness is perhaps the most appealing aspect of his work. Anybody who's ever taken a writing class will likely teachers imploring you to sprinkle humor throughout your work, and many of our favorite critics do. For Seitz, it seems, criticism is serious business, and his passion is beautifully compelling.

Few writers could locate their hyper-specific feelings about House of Cards and muster a full-on defense of The Neighbors with the same vigor, but such feats seem efforless for Seitz. If you're in the mood for something longer, deeper, and more heartfelt than the average review, MZS is your man.