Twitter Handle: @andygreenwald
Writes At: Grantland

The combination of industry news and mischievous humor that Andy Greenwald brings to his television writing has earned him a spot in our permanent rotation. It also makes him a perfect fit for Grantland.

Sports writing, Grantland's first love, is all about mixing the numbers and the narrative, the story with the statistics. Greenwald does just this: He gives readers the details of pilot season and programming while still finding time to post his opinions on the best television. He's an able and humorous narrator, regardless of whether his story is about the machine or the product.

No matter the angle Greenwald takes, he is always hilarious. For Valentine's Day, he wrote a piece on the state of love on television. He opened with: "Years of rewarding storytelling extremes have left us with a slate of bold, uncompromising shows that, collectively, are about as romantic as a roadside Arby's at 4 a.m. It's a landscape where wives are shrewish scolds and young ingenues end up in the morgue or worse: married to Pete Campbell."

We have no desire to find ourselves in an Arby's parking lot at 4 a.m., but we would pay to read about Greenwald's experiences there.