Song: Vado, "What You Like"
Lyric: "I'm like Joe Masaria, up in that Maseratti/No compairing us she be my Harlem hottie/Cafeteria after the after party/Platinum Bugarri its ice out like glass Bacardi." (0:26-0:38)
Type Of Cuisine: American
Neighborhood: Chelsea
Address: 119 7th Ave.

Being open twenty-four hours, Cafeteria is easily Chelsea's most popular spot for post-boozing feed. Some go to sober up, others in hopes of catching a glimpse of someone famous trying to sober up. But you? You went because Vado name-dropped the spot in a verse.

In truth, Cafteria's grub plays second fiddle to its atmosphere. Dark and clubby, it keeps the party going for just a few hours longer, and offers a racous setting your local diner never could. Also, less florescent lighting. So, there's that. Opt for the chicken and waffles, which are almost too good to be wasted on inebriated taste-buds. Almost.