When you're peaking on adrenaline, half naked, and in the last set of an especially spirited curl session, you might think it's a good idea to corner a gorgeous personal trainer and brag about your max squat. Think again, bruh. First, the vein bulging from your neck is incredibly menacing. Second, no girl is going to appreciate being bum rushed by a perspiring gym rat.

So, here's a Complex guide to picking up girls at the gym. Grab every 45 pound plate in the weight room and load it onto a bar. Find the hottest girl around you, lock eyes, and give her a wink. Then, settle into your bench press and drop 495 pounds worth of steel on your chest. With your Thoracic cavity caved in, we expect a beautiful first responder to come to your rescue. While she frantically calls for help, you'll be able to strike up a conversation in a way that seems spontaneous and non-threatening. You're welcome.