Poverty is relative. Compared to your parents' two-income having, 401K investing, fully-paid off mortgage setup, yes, you'll be poor as hell. In some cities, waitresses make mid-five figures. Laborers with the right trade can make more than that. Now imagine if you become valuable to a company based on the skills you learned in college (a.k.a. the reason you went to college): the sky's the limit.

The only time you saw five figures in college was when you got your student loan statements. Life after college might not always be easy, but you'll only be eating ramen when you're unemployed, and once you make some friends who can hook you up with dog walking and bar-backing gigs until you get back on your feet, you won't be longing for the bread line. You might not be able to afford a house, but your apartment will probably have more to it than third-hand couch, a beer-bong, and a Scarface poster. It's a simple life, but it will satisfy you. Probably.