Amber Tamblyn was most recently a guest star on House, but she'll soon be starring in a CBS pilot alongside Skeet Ulrich. Presumably he won't murder her mother and several of her friends.

Anatomy of Violence will star the two as FBI agents with "a conflicted past" (aka they banged); Ulrich's character is a criminal psychiatrist specializing in sociopaths, and Tamblyn's character is a young agent who joined the force after a gunman "traumatized" her younger sister 13 years ago. 

Tamblyn starred on Joan of Arcadia and in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants before her season-long arc on House. Ulrich is best known for his role as Neve Campell's murderous boyfriend in Scream, but more recently played a detective on Law and Order: LA before its cancellation.

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[via Deadline]