The next step in music's digital revolution may soon be upon us thanks to Jabari Johnson and Benoni Tagoe. Johnson, host of the popular web series Jabari Presents, and Tagoe, a founding member and producer of online sensation The Mis-Adventures of Awkward Black Girl, have teamed to create Volume Visual, the first multi-channel YouTube network for hip-hop artists, musicians, and content creators.

"Volume Visual is not a premium channel," Johnson told me during SXSW, noting custom sites like I Am Other and Life + Times, "it is the only multi-channel YouTube network that focuses on hip-hop. We partner with existing channels and help them amplify their audience by providing resources, and sharing our expertise within the digital video space. Volume Visual was developed because Benoni and I understood that their was a gap between hip-hop artists and their digital brands on YouTube."

The company, which made its debut in Austin last week, will provide partners with access to its production facilities in Los Angeles free of charge, help with securing sponsorship deals, and getting placement on traditional outlets like MTV, BET, and Fuse.

"We wanted to empower artists," Johnson continued, "with the knowledge of how to effectively promote themselves visually while earning revenue from it."