Bad ass African American cowboys aren't are prevalent on screen as they should be due to movie studios' refusal to cast actors who aren't white males in lead roles, but luckily, films like They Die By Dawn are looking to change that. Starring Nate ParkerMichael K. WilliamsErykah Badu, and Rosario Dawson, the film tells the story of real life African American cowboys from the west who were all decidedly bad ass. 

In honor of last night's screening of the film, our friends over at VH1 put together a list of other notable bad ass African American cowboys in cinematic history. Including everyone from Danny Glover in Silverado to Will Smith in Wild, Wild West, the feature is definitely a must-read. 

To check it out, head on over to the link below:

The 10 Most Badass African American Movie Cowboys Of All Time

[via VH1]