In 2003, 50 Cent became the marquee name in rap, the Human Genome Project was completed, and Twitter was still three years away from being founded. In that time, much has changed, we're waiting for a 50 album that keeps getting pushed back, we're still fighting over the ethical and legal complications that come with cracking DNA sequencing, and Twitter is now said to be worth $10 billion. 

The Internet changed, too. 

According to a report by the Federal Communications Commission, access to broadband Internet jumped from 15% in 2003 to nearly 94% in 2012. The number of people with Internet-enabled smartphones saw a similar jump. This meant that more people were logging onto the Web in more places than ever before. Therefore the websites they were accessing would need to change to accommodate the new masses of Web surfers and the new content—high-res images, video—they were seeking. But how much did they change? Turns out that it varies greatly. Some look exactly the same while others look like new destinations.

Keep reading to see how some your favorite websites looked a decade ago.