Despite receiving staunch opposition, Wal-Mart is not backing down from its goal of opening a New York City location. A company spokesman told the New York Times "New Yorkers want us here, and residents continue to go out of their way to shop our stores outside the city."

According to Gothamist, New Yorkers spent $215 million at suburban Wal-Mart's last year. A survey conducted by the Times gathered that 62 percent of NYC residents believe that the giant should be allowed to open a location within the city's boundaries.

Labor rights groups and local politicians are among the groups who have given Wal-Mart the Mutombo Finger Wag. Despite being outspoken, City Council Speaker Christine Quinn and Bill de Blasio have been very critical of Wal-Mart. "As long as Wal-Mart’s behavior remains the same, they’re not welcome in New York City. New York isn’t changing. Wal-Mart has to change," Quinn says.

Wal-Mart's questionable relationship with the Bangladesh factory where at least 112 people were killed in a November 2012 fire is still fresh in the minds of many. Still, Wal-Mart refuses to give up on New York City, as Gothamist says an unidentified source claims the company is "now interested in sites already zoned for retail to minimize conflict with public officials."

[via Gothamist]