At 24 seasons and counting, The Simpsons is already one of television's longest running shows, but according to producer David Silverman, we shouldn't expect a follow-up to the show's 2007 feature film for "maybe another 10, 15 years." 

Silverman, along with creator Matt Groening, revealed the news at a symposium for entertainment lawyers at UCLA last week. "It took us four years [to make the movie] and it killed us," Silverman explained. "It stole animators from the show." No word on if this means that the show will be continuing on for those 10-15 years Silverman is talking about - in 2011, the show was even in danger of being canceled due to contract issues - but if so, we're not really complaining. Season 40 or bust!

For the record, The Simpsons Movie was a huge box office success, and, worldwide, it grossed over $527 million. 

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[via Indiewire]