Episode Title: "Army of One" (Season 3, Episode 13)

Meadow notwithstanding, it's clear that the show's writers were quite adept at writing strong, female characters. (See: Carmela Soprano. Who—you might notice—has not been noticed in any one flaw.) And it was fine that, when they decided they needed an FBI informant inside the family, Christopher's long-suffering fianc̩ee Adriana La Cerva would fit the bill.

What didn't jive was the relative ease with which streetwise Adriana—who grew up in connected family and was engaged to a captain—was cuckolded. The whole thing kicked off at a clothing store and went something like this:

Undercover FBI Agent (hair teased, clothes tight and in her finest Jersey accent): Hey, great shoes.

Adriana: Thanks. Shoe talk, shoe talk, shoe talk—Jimmy Choo.

Agent: I agree. Shoe talk, shoe talk, shoe talk—Manolo Blahnik. Want to get some Starbucks?

Adriana: Sure. Want to be best friends?

OK, so maybe that's not verbatim. But it's pretty damn close. How as savvy a moll as Adriana could not be a bit more discerning of a new BFF—nor Christopher suspicious when this stranger starts hanging around—has the distinct whiff of "let's hurry this up already!"