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This Wristband Can Tell if Your Doctor’s Hands Are Clean, We can finally breathe easy knowing whether or not our doctor’s hand are truly clean. This device vibrates when your doctor washes his or her hands, and logs the number of times just to make sure. (3/25)

Airline Passengers May Soon Be Able To Use Electronics, There may soon be significant changes made to the way you use your gadgets during take off and landing. The FAA could possibly allow e-Readers and laptops if they are on airplane mode. (3/25)

Spotify CEO Denies Video Rumors, There have been recent rumors floating around that Spotify will expand its music streaming success into video streaming as well. But not so fast, the Spotify CEO is now putting all of those rumors to rest. (3/26)

Here’s When You’ll Score the Best Deal on Apple Products, We all know Apple products are expensive. What you may not have known is that there are certain times after a product launch that the prices drop dramatically. Find out when those are. (3/26)

T-Mobile Get iPhone, the End of History Gets You, T-Mobile finally gets the iPhone and is the last carrier to do so, which means the iPhone will be the standard smartphone for a long time to come. (3/27)

Portable Emergency Cellphone Charger Fit on Your Keychain, This is a tiny cell phone charger that may be the best invention ever. It’s the emergency cell phone charger that will give you a little extra power when you’re in a bind. (3/27)

Zynga’s ‘What’s The Phrase’ Is Apple’s No. 1 App, With past hits like Words With Friends and Draw Something, it comes as no surprise that Zynga’s latest game hit No.1 only a few weeks after its debut. (3/28)

Build Your Own Weather Station With This Smartphone-Connected System,  The three piece set which comes equipped with an app has everything you need to make sure you're prepared for any type of weather that comes your way. (3/28) 

NYPD Implements Social Media Standards Guide After Racist Incidents on Twitter, After a string a racist incidents by two FDNY EMTs on Twitter, one of which was the commissioner's son, the NYPD has, for the first time in the history of the force, implemented a strict social media policy. (3/28)

Facebook Is Ready to Enter the Mobile Market, After years of speculation is the Facebook phone finally happening? (3/29)

The Importance of Being Obnoxious: Twitter's Evil Hashtag Habit, For all of Twitter's social innovation, the creation of the hashtag may be its greatest misstep. (3/29)