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Pinterest Gets a Sleek New Look, The online pin-board is getting a new look just in time for spring. The website will feature a new layout, including larger pictures for their 48 million + users. (3/18)

New Smartphone Dock Ignition Lock Could Put an End to Texting and Driving, The new dock system for smartphones ensures that the car does not turn on unless the phone is secure in it. Not to worry though, you can still use the phone over Bluetooth. (3/18)

Volume Visual May Be The Next Great Video Site for Hip-Hop Artists, The multi-channel YouTube Network, which made its debut in Austin last week, will provide partners with access to its production facilities in Los Angeles free of charge, help with securing sponsorship deals, and getting placement on traditional outlets like MTV, BET, and Fuse. (3/18)

Samsung Preparing Smart Watch to Rival Apple, As if launching the Galaxy S4 wasn’t enough competition for Apple, Samsung has set their sights on the next big thing. (3/19)

L.A Man Uses iPad for Upskirt Photography, Apparently the millions of apps available for the iPad weren’t enough to keep one man entertained. He used the device to take a picture up a woman’s skirt. (3/19)

The Best Video on the Internet Today: LeBron James Sends Jason Terry to the CrossroadsLess than 24 hours after Bron epic dunk, Terry is now the stuff of Internet legend. (3/19)

Amazon Eyeing On-Demand Music Service, Let the rumors of Amazon’s latest venture begin. The mega company is said to be in talks with several record labels to possibly launch an on-demand music store. (3/20)

This Never-Ending Bubble Wrap iPhone Case Will Keep You Occupied, Quit possibly the best invention since sliced bread, this iPhone is literally never ending bubble wrap. You keep popping them and they will keep re-appearing. (3/20)

YouTube Announces 1 Billion Monthly Users, Since it’s inception in 2005, YouTube has made a name for itself as the biggest video sharing website in history. On Wednesday they celebrated one billion monthly users. (3/21)

Pink Floyd Streaming ‘Dark Side’ This Sunday, The band will stream the album in its entirety this Sunday on PinkFloyd.com. Whether you still love this album or not, it’s only right that you pay homage to one of the greats by listening. (3/21) 

HBO Considering Allowing Non-Cable Subsrcibers Access to HBO GoThe company is reportedly considering granting access to the streaming service to those who pay for broadband Internet by charging them a monthly fee. (3/22)

Are We There Yet? 7 Years of Twitter and Where It's Getting UsAfter a decade of utopian marveling at all the things we can get for free through the Internet—tools that make it easier to bear the social fragmentation and isolation we're living under—it's clear all of these social widgets are not for socializing but broadcasting. (3/22)