Network: CBS
Air Dates: October 3, 1984-November 10, 1990
Stars: Scott Baio, Willie Aames, Sandra Kerns, Nicole Eggert, Josie Davis, Alexander Polinsky, Ellen Travolta, James T. Callahan

Not even references from Kid Cudi and Heavy D (R.I.P.) can save the Scott Baio-driven Charles in Charge. After his days as Chachi were over, Baio played college student Charles, who addressed his room-and-board issue by playing in-house babysitter to the Pembroke family. After the Pembrokes moved, the Powells moved into the house, again allowing Charles (the man) to remain in charge. This made for five years of wholesome television, including series' highlight Nicole Eggert, before she got tired of the "good girl" thing and blew Corey Haim (R.I.P.) away in Blown Away and then appeared on Baywatch.

Baio was a known "coos hound," as Neil Patrick Harris would say, and even dated Eggert. A lot of the show's super-white feel came from Baio himself, who to this day still looks like John Stockton after several tanning sessions. Short shorts and all.