Date: March 2012
Location: New York, NY

After you've enjoyed several hours of binge drinking on St. Patrick's Day, it's in your best interest to head home. Liquor and lingering often lead to disasters, like this fight that took place in the West Village last year. Thanks to drunken idiots, customers couldn't even enjoy their fast food in peace, because they were too busy marveling at the all-out brawl going on just a few feet away from them. Granted, they were protected by glass, but what about the pedestrians just trying to go home after a day of trying to steer clear of drunken idiots just like the ones you see in this video.

Enough preaching, though—the guy who who executed the devastating kick you see about five seconds into the video is a beast. In the WorldStar era, every liquor-fueled brawl has the potential to become both the fight of the century and an Internet phenomenon.