Date: March 20012
Location: Baltimore, MD

Though technically this occured the day after St. Patrick's Day, it happened during the holiday weekend and is exceptionally brutal. A 31-year-old man from Arlington, VA was beaten, stripped, robbed, and left on the streets of Baltimore. According to a police report, the victimwhose name has not been releasedwas returning to his hotel after a night of partying at the Inner Harbor's Power Plant Live when someone grabbed something from his pocket and fled. After he gave chase, someone punched him in the face and he hit the ground so hard that the impact was clearly audible. Onlookers chose only to record the incident as the assailants took the keys to his Audi, his iPhone, and a TAG Heuer watch that cost about $1,300. When the victim woke up the next day, he had no memory of what happened to him. That is, until video of the attack went viral.

The video became a viral sensation, and disgusted viewers helped police identify the suspects. Twenty-year-old Aaron Parons was the first to be arrested after turning himself in on April 13a Friday. Soon after, three other suspectsShatia Baldwin, 21; Shayona Davis, 20; and Deangelo Carter, 19-were arrested. Police charged Davis with armed robbery, because she used her high-heeled shoe as a weapon. Last May, 13 of the 24 charges against the four defendants were dropped, including first-degree assault. Parsons, Davis, and Carter were all sentenced in July; Parsons and Baldwin were both sentenced to three years in prison, while Davis and Carter were sentenced to a year with time served.

Parsons, who threw the first punch, offered an apology because he knew the case had brought shame to the city.