Date: March 2012
Location: Newark, DE

The anticipation for St. Patrick's Day has some people so excited to celebrate (i.e. drink) that they're up early in the morning doing just that. A bunch of University of Delaware students were so eager to drown themselves in alcohol that they started the party at 10 a.m., pissing neighbors off in the process. By 2 a.m.—16 hours later—the alcohol had won, as many students were seen either passed out or vomiting and well on their way to passing out. Because the holiday fell on a weekend, there was less apprehension due to less potential responsibility. No work, no class, no worries. Councilman David Athey called it the "perfect storm."

There were 34 citations issued for various code violations the following day, but the biggest eyesore was all of the trash left behind, especially since it found its way into the front yards of angry neighbors and in front of local businesses.