Date: March 2012
Location: Dallas, TX

This guy, who looks like a combination of Flea and any folk singer, was arrested for trying to fight a Dallas police officer last St. Patrick's Day. He lost. The best part of the story is that the fight involved a man named Jordan Ross Booze and another person because Booze allegedly stole something from the man. When police tried to break the fight up, Booze started swinging at police and headbutted officer Christopher DeLeon, then punched him square in the nose. That was the worst thing he could've done. Furious that Booze had made him bleed his own blood, officer DeLeon executed a vicious takedown, but Booze continued to fight like a rabid animal with one hand restrained. DeLeon willingly kneed Booze three times before finally getting him to tap out.

Booze was charged with felony assault on a public servant and was sent to the Dallas County Jail, popped collar and all. With a last name like "Booze," an alcohol-related arrest was his destiny.