Director: Woody Allen
Areas Featured: Sutton Place, Below the Queensboro Bridge

Sutton Place Park would be a nearly undisclosed romantic location if it weren't for Woody Allen's Manhattan. This tiny, hard-to-find alcove, bookended by a private street and pricey townhouses, is unlike many on this list. It's not a landmark in and of itself, nor is it particularly remarkable in its own right. In the opening scene of the movie, Allen's character Isaac admits he "adored New York City...idolized it all out of proportion." And maybe that's why Allen choose the subtly stunning Sutton Place to film one of the movie's pivotal scenes.

After spending the day ambling around Manhattan with Mary (Diane Keaton), the pair end up beneath the Queensboro bridge at sunrise. The dialogue is succinct, albeit laden with intimations of how the film will end. But the hazy, almost dream-like quality of the bridge, draped in a string of tiny lights, has a sort of surreal beauty that sticks with the viewer. Maybe it's because it was actually filmed at 5 a.m. Or maybe Isaac himself captures the sentiment best: "This is really a great city. I don't care what anyone says. It's really a knockout, you know?" Yes, we know.-SC